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Guinot Soin Hydra Peeling with Hydrabrasion Set


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This boxed-set contains:

  • Guinot Hydrabrasion Peeling 10x7ml
  • Guinot Modelage Hydra Neuve Massage 10x10ml
  • Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute Mask 10x50ml
  • Guinot Activateur Masque Mask Activator 10x20ml


  • Cleanse and tone the skin.

1. Hydrabrasion Peeling:

  • Apply the Hydrabrasion Peeling on the face.
  • Allow to sink in for 3-5 min, massage gently avoiding the eye area.
  • Rinse the skin twice using wet compresses.

2. Hydra Neuve Massage:

  • Apply the Hydra Neuve Massage.
  • Massage the face for 10 min.
  • Do not rinse.

3. Hydra Beaute Mask:

  • Apply the Hydra Beaute Mask on the face following the instruction on the packaging. Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Meawhile do a head or hand massage.
  • Remove the mask.
  • Rinse, tone and dry the skin with paper towel.

After the procedure:

  • Apply appropriate day and eye cream.
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