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La Biosthetique Visalix Sensitif – Relaxing Face Lotion for Sensitive Facial Skin 500ml


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Hydrolotion Visalix Sensitive is particularly suitable for delicate skin: Hydrates the skin after cleansing and makes it look fresh and radiant.

For a delicate extra portion of moisture: The oat extracts in the hydrolotion have a particularly high antioxidant content to ensure that the skin is protected from damage. The polysaccharides contained in this strengthen the skin’s immune defences. The skin is calmed and regains its moisture-retaining properties. Visalix Sensitif is rapidly absorbed, and results in a relaxed, smooth skin sensation. After toning, the skin is noticeably fresher and looks youthfully cared for. Visalix Sensitif is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:
In the morning and evening, apply the face lotion daily after cleansing with a cotton pad to face and neck. Do not rinse.

Main ingredients:

  • Oat extracts calm the skin.
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