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Maria Galland 001 Ultim’Boost Hydration 15ml


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A 4-molecular hyaluronic acid mix for instant and long-lasting hydration, rock crystal with essential mineral and trace elements for a healthy glow, apple extract with cell booster to smooth and protect, and comfrey stem cell extract to reinforce the regeneration capacity of the skin.

* DERMATOLOGICALLY PROVEN RESULTS. HYDRATED, FRESH AND MORE COMFORTABLE SKIN. User trial with 49 subjects (aged 19–65), interviewed after application of 001 ULTIM’BOOST/HYDRATION under dermatological conditions over a period of 4 weeks; average (in %) from the individual results regarding hydrated, fresh and more comfortable skin.


  • Skin is instantly and perfectly hydrated, more comfortable and smoothed.
  • Novel, custom-designed “boosting technology”: enhances the effect of the beauty care applied afterwards, by allowing optimal penetration of the actives into the skin.


  • 4-molecular hyaluronic acid mix
  • Hygro complex
  • Rock crystal
  • Apple extract & cell booster
  • Comfrey stem cell extract

Apply 5 drops each morning and evening for 28 days, beneath your usual serum and cream.

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