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Matis Age-mood Aging Signs In Progress Combination To Oily Skin 50ml


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This targeted, expert cream tackles the four key mechanisms that trigger the signs of aging:
Glycation (where collagen and elastin gradually harden, leading to wrinkles) with a powerful peptide; Oxidation (speeds up aging) with an active antioxidant active ingredient;
Dehydration with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid;
Cell longevity with rice and vine stalks extract which extend cell life.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a glycosaminoglycan naturally present in the skin which plays a filling and hydration role.
Longevity Complex Stimulates longevity proteins such as sirtuins
Protective Complex helps limit these two phenomena, glycation and oxidation,

Apply morning and evening after any serum from the Réponse Préventive.

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