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Payot Herboriste Detox Brume Jambes Legeres – Anti-Heaviness Refreshing Care 100ml


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Walk away from heavy legs and treat them to the lightness they’ve always dreamt of! This mist moisturises, relaxes and instantly relieves feelings of heaviness, and leaves an intense and lasting sensation of freshness.

We’re in love with its light mist texture with a cooling effect and its minty fragrance that envelop the skin in a veil of relaxing freshness.
Its added bonus: It can be used at any time of the day and even over tights!

Application ritual
Your stimulating technique:
1. Spray the mist in vertical up-and-down movements from the feet to the upper thighs.
2. Make upwards tapping movements with the fingertips, using both hands, from the feet to the upper thighs.
3. Massage backwards and forwards around the malleolus.

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