Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream

IMG_3275 Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream is one of the most beloved skincare products in the world right now. Millions of tubes of this wonderful cream get snapped up every year – and is the toast of many celebrities including Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz who says the Dr Haushka products are incredibly soothing and gentle on her problem skin.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream’s ingredients are natural, some grown to biodynamic principles and is many people’s introduction to the brand.

According to the Daily Mail, Julia Roberts ‘came out’ as a Dr Hauschka devotee in 1999 and a galaxy of A-listers have joined in, among them Cameron Diaz, who has been open about her ‘terrible adult acne’.

Nowadays, many of us suffer from touchy skin, prone to acne, eczema, and the sort of problems which experts put this down to stressors including environmental pollutants, junk foods, work/life pressures and 24/7 living – and also skincare.

‘Products often contain too many ingredients plus synthetic chemicals that may aggravate problem skin,’ says Dr Rabia Malik speaking to the Daily Mail, who specialises in treating skin problems holistically.

The Dr Hauschka approach is to calm the skin, balancing moisture and sebum (oil) levels so that it functions at its best.

‘They are so pure you can eat them,’ promises company spokesperson Antal Adam.

The range originated from natural medicines produced biodynamically by Dr Rudolf Hauschka, a chemist who followed the Steiner philosophy that rhythms are the carrier of life and govern everything about our lives, including our skin.

The key rhythms are sun and moon, light and dark (plants are harvested at specific times and there are different products for day and night), warmth and cold, movement and stillness (for instance, plant extracts are stirred and then left to rest), and lastly taking out and giving back, which, with this most ethical of businesses, applies to everything from profits to plant-growing.

You can order your Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream here.

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