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^ Here’s a sneak peek of my skin after a day of work!

After Denise’s first review on Guinot Face Cream, here she goes with another review on Guinot product- Guinot Creme Hydra Sensitive Face Cream, and we are glad that this is now her favourite product!  Here’s how she feels about her new best friend!


“Compared to Guinot Creme Protection Reparatrice- Face Cream, this Guinot Creme Hydra Sensitive Face Cream is more watery, I guess it relatively has less improvement/ repairing agents, but I personally prefer this because of its watery-creamish consistency, which quickly blends well with my big fingers, absorbed and smells beautifully, comforts me to bed and encourage me to give a little extra tap (which I usually don’t!) to get it warmed up and into my skin.


And regardless of my lack of interest in skin care, it just made me commit to my routine and apply it every day and night, and I feel my skin grows stronger under such an unapologetic Winter!  I was really grateful to receive it when my skin was in the worst of time- it cast away redness, itchiness and pimples on my face!


The best thing is- after using Guinot’s products, I actually started to take away foundation from my makeup routine, and instead of a BB cream or foundation, I’d rather put on the cream after washing up in the morning, let it stay for a while as I enjoy my breakfast, then I just pad on some translucent powder on my face so it won’t look shiny and my hair won’t stick to my face, and slightly give a touch on my brow and that’s it!  The photo I shared was taken after a day of work, as my skin was so irritated and acnes tended to crawl up after a long day, but I believe the ingredients of this face cream that specialize for sensitive skin, protects my skin from environmental damages (as Abloomnova said), which truly made my day!”


We hope that the review gives you a more personal side and perspective towards this face cream, do you feel the same as her?  The Guinot face cream can soothes hypersensitive skin, and comfort them with a layer of Lymphokine- an active ingredient that gives out two functions at once, through reduction of irritation and built of protection, it will overly strengthen skin’s natural defenses, so the ultimate goal is that you will no longer rely on the product, but the skin itself can be the peaceful temple where you can rest in.  Sometimes all you need is to listen to what its asking and you will know which product is your perfect match (or it might says it doesn’t need anything!).


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Love xx


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