What to do when you have oily skin

Payot-Lait-Micellaire-Demaquillant-Comforting-Moisturising-Cleansing-Micellar-Milk-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 What to do when you have oily skin

When you have oily skin, applying makeup and keeping it on is tricky. Without the proper prep, makeup on oily skin has a tendency to slip off pretty quickly.

So when your sebaceous glands are a little over-enthusiastic, how can you maintain a picture perfect face without the resulting shine?

Make up for oily skin needs to keep a flawless finish all day, without clogging the pores. So what should you be looking for when you buy new makeup?

If you do have oily skin, the following are a couple of things to check before you invest in a product:

Matte Finishes.

For base products like foundation, matte finishes can help control shine during the day and last longer.

Oil Free.

Oil free formulations tend to last much longer on oily skins. These tend to be a slightly thicker formulation so you can use it sparingly.


This means that the formula won’t clog up your pores. Most base products will state if they are non-comodogenic so you can keep your skin blemish free.

For a movie-set finish for oily skin, we recommend using Carita Ideal Controle Emulsion Poudree – Powder Emulsion as a base under foundation, powder or concealer. This product is fresh and ultra light, it leaves the complexion perfectly moisturised with a beautiful matte finish, instantly and all day long. It helps rebalance sebum secretion and limit skin imperfections from appearing.

Basically, this is a godsend in a bottle for anyone battling the dreaded sheen. It’s easy to use, light to wear and wonderfully effective.

Actions & Results:

Day after day, a biotech extract of flax helps rebalance sebum secretion and limit skin imperfections from appearing. Pure-youth complex helps to postpone the signs of ageing by maintaining the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

How to use:

Apply morning and evening, after thoroughly cleansing the face.

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