Removing makeup on mature skin

Maria-Galland-Gentle-Cleansing-Milk-61-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Removing makeup on mature skin

When you get older, it’s even more important to wash every last drop of makeup after a long day. But with so many cleansing products out there promising you the world, what’s the best way of making sure your skin is spotlessly clean?

Fortunately, Glamour is on hand with these great tips…

1. Take Your Time
When it comes to removing eye makeup in particular, the slower you go, the better. « Let the technology do the work, » says dermatologist Ranella Hirsch. « Apply makeup remover and let it sit, and sit some more. Give it a couple minutes, say while you brush and floss. » This will soften mascara, liner, and shadow so it slips off easily and thoroughly once you finally wipe. « If you do this, you won’t find smudges under your eyes in the morning anymore, » Hirsch says. Giving remover time to work its magic also prevents you from having to rub/scrub with your makeup-remover pad—always a mistake, since friction can damage the delicate skin around your eyes, causing irritation and contributing to premature ageing.

2. Soap and Water Works Better than Makeup Wipes
Deep down you already knew makeup wipes sounded too good to be true, right? Wipes can be an excellent initial step in removing makeup—in fact, they’re best way to remove makeup before cleansing. But a proper sink session should ideally follow. « Many of us make the mistake of just using wipes and going to bed, but the makeup really is not all off—you still have to wash your face ladies, » says makeup artist Azra Red, telling us what we don’t want to hear. « Using water and face wash is what’s really going to remove residue and prep your skin for a good night regimen. If you use only wipes and then apply moisturizer, you might push dirt into your pores and wake up with pimples or blackheads. »

3. Use a Cleanser Made to Remove Makeup
« Women tend to use a face wash that isn’t made to remove makeup, » notes esthetician Joanna Czech. If you suspect yours falls into this category (evidence: those subtle BB cream smudges on your face towel post-cleanse), you could use a makeup remover like micellar water first—or consider switching to a cleansing oil or balm. These are among the most effective at coaxing off even the most stubborn makeup, like stay-put foundations, liquid lipsticks, and brow pigments (two great options to check out

Maria Galland Gentle Cleansing Milk 61 is a pure joy for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. The light texture, in conjunction with mild emulsifiers, even makes this cleansing milk suitable for removing eye make-up. Algae extracts supply moisture, marigold extracts soothe and make the skin feel caressingly soft – during daily cleansing in the morning and evening.

Spread over the face and neck using circular movements. Remove with water, toner, or with tissues. Use in the morning and evening.
Main active ingredients:
Laminaria digitata algae extract, marigold extract.

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