Why your skin’s lipids are so important

Carita-Ideal-Hydratation-Creme-des-Lagons-Lagoon-Cream-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 Why your skin's lipids are so important

Are you familiar with your skin’s lipids? If not, it’s important to get to know what these do, and why they are SO important.

According to LillydeMai, your skin barrier is responsible for all aspects of your skin’s beauty and health. The lipids in the skin barrier provide softness, bind skin cells together and help to prevent dehydration by keeping water molecules and natural moisturiser factors (NMF) locked inside the stratum corneum ensuring firmness and plumpness. They also prevent bacteria, allergens, and environmental pollutants from penetrating the skin and triggering inflammation. This means that if you’re looking for calm, uplifted and glowing skin, your skin barrier must be nourished with gentle loving care. 

As we age, lipids naturally decrease, particularly after the age of 40. This ultimately leads to dryness, flakiness, wrinkling, sagging and fine lines. But if you haven’t hit 40 yet, you’re not in the clear! The lipids in the skin barrier can also be depleted by environmental factors, lifestyle habits, and personal care. For example, sun exposure and pollution can oxidize the lipids in the skin, triggering DNA damage. Harsh cleansers containing sulfates can diminish the skin barrier by stripping it of natural oils.

Once the skin barrier is weakened and the « mortar » is no longer able to hold the cells together and keep moisture in, irritants (bacteria, pollution, allergens, chemicals, etc.) penetrate the skin, leading to inflammation. Skin can become red, itchy, flaky, swollen, cracked and painful. Eczema, psoriasis, and breakouts are common with a compromised barrier, as are dullness, sagging and fine lines.

You can trace all your complexion problems back to an impaired skin barrier.

Carita Ideal Hydratation Creme des Lagons – Lagoon Cream is bursting with nourishing, restructuring and moisture-retaining active ingredients, Crème riche des lagons improves the skin’s ability to preserve its water and lipid reserves and offers it continuous hydration with a moisture-diffusing virtual micro-patch.

This protective and preventive anti-ageing cream helps to energise the skin and strengthen its natural defences. Perfectly nourished and protected, the skin appears luminous and glowing with beauty.

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