Dr Hauschka cleansing cream

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Owning a good cleanser is one of the basics of a good skin care routine. Dr Hauschka cleansing cream is one of the kindest products for your skin – gentle, powerful and full of ingredients with impact.

When it comes to cleansers, we’re firm believers of liquid cleansers, water and a flannel or muslin. Using wipes and creams with cotton wool aren’t particularly good for your skin. Wipes may be OK for emergency situations by they contain cheap ingredients and aren’t great for your skin. Creams and cotton wool are a bit better, but do not cleanse the skin as well as something like the Dr Hauschka cleansing cream.

Dr Hauschka cleansing cream is a cleansing cream for all types of skin. The cream gently cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes, while protecting the skin’s natural protective function for healthy, radiant skin. The cream protects the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier while also preparing it for the next stages of your daily skin care routine.

You can use this cream in the morning and evening by moistening face, neck and décolleté with a warm face cloth. Mix ½-1 inch / 1-2 cm of the cleansing cream with warm water in the palms to form a smooth, creamy paste. Press the mixture gently onto skin then roll hands up and away in a wave-like motion. Start in the centre of the forehead then slowly work outward and down, ending at the décolleté. Repeat the press and roll action 2-3 times. Do not rub or scrub and avoid the eye area. Rinse with warm water then finish with a splash of cool, fresh water to close pores. However, if you have sensitive skin, use warm water only.

Dr Hauschka products always contain active Ingredients of the highest quality. This cream contains the highest quality medicinal plant extracts of calendula, chamomile and anthyllis, with creamy sweet almond meal, cleanse, balance and revitalise skin to minimise the appearance of pores.

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