Why you should use a Guinot serum

Guinot-serum-abloomnova.net_ Why you should use a Guinot serum

If you’ve noticed your skin needing more and more moisturisation, you might want to consider a serum – or more specifically, one that is extremely effective – for example, a Guinot serum.

But firstly, what are serums? Are they worth buying? Or are they an unnecessary frippery marketed by the big brands? Well, according to A Model Recommends, they are actually very useful indeed. There are always exceptions to the rule, and there are rubbish examples of every type of beauty product, but in general serums tend to be some of the most hardworking and effective skincare products out there. They are concentrated, potent little workhorses that take mere seconds to apply but can have really quite spectacular effects on your skin.

A serum will usually be very lightweight and very fast-acting. It will have (hopefully!) been formulated to penetrate the skin and deliver potent active ingredients, which makes it a completely different kettle of fish to a moisturiser. A moisturiser might also contain active ingredients, and most good ones do, but it is primarily designed to form a sort of barrier between the skin and the outside world, helping the skin to retain moisture. I think of it all as a bit like some kind of army task-force; you’ve got the super-stealth ninja-marine SAS fighters who are dressed all in black, with balaclavas on, holding knives in their teeth and carrying sniper rifles on their backs. (Military details – not my strong point.) They are like the serum – straight into the enemy building, running silently down the dark corridors and taking out the baddies with a quick elbow to the throat or snap to the neck. (Sorry, totally getting carried away with this analogy.) The moisturisers, on the other hand, the army footmen, have surrounded the baddies’ building. Some of them are super-stealth ninja-fighter people, but they won’t ever go very far in to the building; their main job is to protect the outside perimeter. Stop people getting in or out. Forming a barrier. It’s your Ninja SAS Taskforce (aka Serum Squad) who are doing the most active work and, though the operation could survive with just the footmen, the Ninjas definitely make things happen faster and better.

But back to Guinot serums – these guys have mastered the art of intense moisturisation. When it comes to bagging a serum that will provide great results, head to Guinot. Some of our faves:

Guinot Hydra Cellulaire Serum – Cell Moisturizing Serum

This is good for ageing skin – it deeply hydrates your skin, delivers water to the core of cells and to dehydrated cells, to rehydrate them. It also helps to smooth small wrinkles.

Guinot Serum Liftosome – Lift Firming Face Serum

This one not only delivers incredible moisture – but it also helps to firm. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, evening primrose and Pro-Collagen, Guinot Liftosome Serum works to restructure and lift your complexion.

Guinot Beaute Neuve Dermanove – Regenerating Serum

Beauté Neuve treatment removes dead skin cells which usually cause dull complexions while also reducing the appearance of brown spots. A complex of fruit acids gently peels away dead skin cells and vitamin C lightens the complexion of pigmented skin.




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