Facts about the eye area

Skin around the eyes has a very delicate structure and this means that this area shows signs of aging before any other. This is also a very sensitive area and this is the reason why many people find difficult to find the right eye cream and cosmetics.

Skin around the eyes is thinner than anywhere else on the body. Only 0.04mm thick, compared to 1mm on your face and 1.6mm for the palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet have even more…

eyes Facts about the eye area

Many brands contain fragrances or ingredients that can irritate your skin. In worst situation it can cause dark circles under the eyes. Fragrance free, hypo allergic products could be solution in this situation!

Make sure you don’t apply products to the eye area itself – just dab your cream onto the orbital bone – the socket around the eyes! Combination of blinking and fine lines will push the cream to areas where it’s mostly needed.

Also while we worry about the area under eyes we often forget about eye lids – very crucial spot! So remember to apply not only your eye cream but also sun screen to the eye lids-an areas mostly missed.

With age the eye lid can fall forward, causing a hooding eye effect. By taking care of eye area you can avoid this!

The most amazing product is Guinot Age Sun Yeux SPF 30

eyes Facts about the eye area

Anti-aging sun care.
This amazing product helps reverse the effects of sun-aging in eye area.

Key active ingredients:
DNA-protects the cells, Sun filters and Cellular Life Complex with 56 active ingredients, Horse Chestnut Extract and Glycalift.

Age Sun Yeux anti-aging eye sun care can be used on the beach and in the city for eye care and sun protection.

Apply on the eye contours before sun exposure regularly. Order here.

Longue Vie Soleil is recommended as face care to prolong your skins youthfulness.


More about eyes and eye creams in following posts.

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