Guinot Time Logic Age Serum

Long story short: one day while I was doing groceries shopping with mum, there’s one point that we were set next to the fridge, and I was just casually pausing my sight on my mum’s face, looking at her usual face – wait, something has changed, my mum used to have wrinkles underneath her eyes, which were quite deep and extending to cheek area, making her looking old; but they are gone! I asked her straight where did they go, and she replied, “Those cream you asked me to put on a month ago!”

Dashing back to house, I found how disciplinary works, since even I had forgotten I’ve given her a bottle of Guinot Time Logic Age Serum. It said to be the ‘ultimate anti-aging product’ for mature skin for people who are suffering wrinkles around their 50s. Made up of 56 biological active ingredient vital to the skin. My mum is in her late 60s suddenly gone back to her 50s.

And if what I’ve been doing is to make people embrace themselves, and I think I have accomplished my job lately, mum is looking more youthful and rejuvenated now. And from there, I saw a mum who’s more care free to smile, here I witness another beauty seizing their power to own their best. (I know I could be over exaggerating on this, but I’m getting too excited for what I’ve been passionate for, and these products help people around me!)

With the help of Guinot Creme rich 888, I believe it will further even out the unevenness of the wrinkles, massaging it into the skin, mum reminded me to put this on the blog, it’s essential to keep the wrinkles away. Also I do think staying disciplined like her, never skipping a day without them is the key to surprise everyone at the end. You don’t have to use a lot and flood your face with these goodies, it’s going to be a waste, massage serum until it absorbs fully and gently layering a thin coat of this rich night cream will do great.

If you are feeling determinate to ease them off as soon as possible, I would also suggest for you to try our Guinot Mask, which I used especially during dry season. It makes my skin feel fresh and radiant. Mask is always my favourite rescue for my skin because I am a bit less disciplinary in comparison to my mum, I shall introduce different kinds of masks from Abloomnova in the future!

But for now, check on these anti- aging products and let me know what you think! Remember to review them so I can share your joy!

Abloomnova x


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