Guinot Hydrazone for Dehydrated Skins

Are you suffering from itching, red and cracked dry skin? Ready for some real quality hydration on your skin?

It’s an ultimate salon skincare product which you might not have tried yet, Guinot Hydrazone Moisturising Care for Dehydrated Skins serves for those who have very dry skin. Not only for lovelies who suffer from that all year round, but during this winter season, and this British weather is getting so chilly and windy, it strips skins natural oil and degrades our skin to a dehydrated condition. I thought it would be great to share this product with you at this time of the year, as many of you are probably in the wintery time of the year, and trust me you can make a dramatic change to your skin if you try!

So, here’s some of the suggestion to make your skin stay ‘normal’, not only skincare products help, your daily routine is also our focus in maintaining a healthy deed to your skin! Treat your skin right, and use these two simple routine to your daily life:

1. Never, never, never have steamy showers. We all know how great it is when hot water flushes us after an outing in snow, but this is certainly a guilty pleasure to strip away the natural oil you originally produced, think when you are constantly steaming away your natural skin protection, it’s bad.

Instead, spoil yourself with Guinot Masque Hydra Beaute Moisture-Supplying Radiance Mask, giving you a moisture bath after a shower. Especially good when your pores are open and ready to be hydrated, you will see the immediate boost of hydration after wash off as I always do!

2. Get some capsule with Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Not many of you are fish lovers right?). We all need more of it, we have skincare products with this ingredients in it, but let’s help and treat ourselves, your skin will thank you for feeding it the good fat.

Talking about feeding your skin good stuff, do you know your eyes need more care than any other part of your face? If you have dry skin, probably the skin under your eyes is crying for comfort, so here’s the Guinot Hydrazone Yeux Eye Contour Long Lasting Hydrating, it does both moisturising and contouring, so you don’t have to worry about putting on one product while missing another core part with your eyes skin care routine!

And some of you might not know, I’ve suffered from problematic acne skin to now having skin that I am proud to live with, having normal skin doesn’t always comes so naturally. I investigated and researched for years to become who I am today, having Abloomnova by my side helped more than anything and now we are trying my best to offer my best to you as a team. So let us know your different skin type, we can all own a plain canvas to shine ourselves.

Abloomnova x


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