Ella Bache

Ella Bache was created by Madam Bache in 1936 in Paris. She was a cosmetic chemist and her methods were revolutionary. She believed as we are genetically different the same truth applies to your skin. She was a very passionate and creative lady; also she has scientific understanding about skin and natural ingredients. Madam Bache was the first one who included natural ingredients such tomato extract, Vitamin C, algae and lanolin in skin care products.

Passion of this amazing woman was the foundation stone of Ella Bache and success of these revolutionary products all around the world.

Now hundreds of beauty therapists and thousands of people all around the world use Ella Bache creams and they benefit from natural ingredients. Product range isn’t very big but there’s a little something for everyone. Also the price of these products is amazing as is the quality and their effectiveness!




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