Why you need to use a colour depositing conditioner

La-Biosthetique-Volume-Mousse-abloomnova Why you need to use a colour depositing conditioner

If you’re one of the 70% of women who colour their hair, you’ll know how time consuming an expensive. If we were to be honest, blondes have the raw deal – bleach can be damaging, it’s a job that really should only be carried out by a professional (ie. £££) and the first sign of roots means a phone call to the salon.

However, brunettes need to keep on top too – that gorgeous intensity that you get when your hair is freshly dyed will soon dull – so what alternative do you have other than re-dying?

Enter stage right – your colour depositing conditioner. Using something like Davines Alchemic System Alchemic Conditioner Tobacco is the perfect way to enhance natural or cosmetic mid to light brown hair.

Colour depositing conditioners are an absolute necessity if you dye your hair. These conditioners not only moisturize colored hair, keeping it shiny and healthy, but they also lightly deposit color with each wash. This keeps your hair vibrant and helps you go longer in between touch-ups. While there are color depositing shampoos as well, and they certainly help preserve your hair, we find that the conditioners give the best results.

And according to XO Jane, it’s especially helpful if your natural color is a different tone than your dye. The conditioner not only keeps the color from fading, it adds enough cool tones to the roots that they are really not visible for a long time.

If you are dying your hair red, which easily fades, color depositing conditioners are absolutely essential. Red will leave your hair from the second wash onward, so do everything you can to minimize fading.

Many shampoos emphasise how they are for color treated hair, but in my experience if you are washing your hair at all, you are stripping your color. Not washing your hair as frequently can help, but dry shampoo can only go so far. If your hair is the slightest bit oily, you will have to wash it at least every other day.

Even if you’ve kept your natural shade of hair, color depositing conditioners can add depth and subtly change or add undertones. If by chance you like your brown hair, but feel it’s a bit flat, this conditioner can add some subtle warm tones. Similarly, if you’ve been curious about dyeing your hair but even semi-permanent colors seem like too much of a commitment, this product is for you. Using a bright red conditioner on brown hair will change your shade just enough, while still being temporary.





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