Ella Bache Hydra-revitalising fluid cream

ella-bache-hydra-revitalising-fluid-cream Ella Bache Hydra-revitalising fluid cream

“My first try on the Ella Bache Hydra revitalising fluid cream was electrifying! Its watery texture and beautiful scent reminds me of my all-time favourite — Guinot’s Hydra Sensitive cream, so it got my instant likes as it is very blendable with a tiny bit of this, and of course it can be used as daily moisturizer that my make-up stays on all day long. Do not get me wrong, I don’t mean that the two brands are copying one another! There is a huge difference between the creams in terms of their outcomes, the Guinot one is developed for sensitive skin that builds a layer of barrier between our skin and the surrounding environment; while the Ella Bache one is specialized for dehydrated skin, the cream can be easily absorbed (which even speed up morning routine, buy some time for sleep!) and keeps our skin hydrated! So this revitalising cream should not be overlooked for those who are looking for a light, blendable moisturizing cream!”

As we know that no one would like to stick with heavy textured cream in the summer, our team has a high expectation for its light, revitalising ingredients to perform its magic for our NOVAs this summer, it’s truly ideal for dry skin and anyone who prefers a lighter cream.

As promoted as the “ultra-comforting face cream”, it characterized like skin care product for sensitive skin, ingredients such as Macadamia nut oil and Lipidic patch are served to give a delicate protection to skin from situations causing dehydration. But more importantly, it contains Hyaluronic grape flower essence to imitate skin cells for keeping skin elasticity and Squalane, a common ingredient among Korean skin care industry, to give a boost to dehydrated skin back to a plumped and line-free skin!

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