How protein is haircare’s secret ally

La-Biosthetique-Structure-Essence-de-Proteine-Instant-Hair-Care-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How protein is haircare’s secret ally

Protein treatments to promote healthy hair growth are misunderstood. It’s logical to assume that because hair is made of proteins – otherwise known as keratin, so applying topical protein treatments will help strengthen hair.

According to Viviscal, a diet rich in protein or a complete hair growth supplement is the only way to nourish hair strands with protein from within. However, topical protein treatments for hair grooming may help protect and strengthen hair from the outside.

Protein in your diet helps the body to produce keratin, which is fundamental to the hair structure. When keratin weakens, hair strands are more prone to breakage. To nourish hair with protein, eat a diet that includes high-quality, lean protein. According to the USDA, women ages 31-50 should get 5 ounces of protein, younger women ages 19-30 can have 5 1/2 ounces.

Protein is necessary for the growth of all cells, including hair cells. Fish, shellfish and other marine proteins are especially good for hair growth because they contain essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamin B3 (Niacin), as well as the minerals iron and zinc. We all know that eating a healthy, well-rounded diet can be very difficult, so consider adding a hair growth supplement with a clinically proven blend of marine extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Which is why we love La Biosthetique Structure Essence de Proteine — Instant Hair Care. This is one spray with two effects.

It provides an intensively restructurising phase and a shine-boosting phase. The hair is deeply strengthened and given silkiness but also comb-ability and resistance. Essence de Protéine forms a secure and protective film that increases the hair’s resistance and effectively combats the dreaded hair breakage.

Shake before use. Spray onto hair that is slightly damp or apply to dry hair. Do not rinse out.


  • Quaternised polymer conditions the hair.
  • Wheat peptides with strengthening, smoothing, and volumising properties.
  • Combination of volatile silicon oils and highly polymerised silicon resin.

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