What causes a flaky scalp?

La-Biosthetique-Anti-Age-Fluide-Volume-abloomnova.net_-1600x1064 What causes a flaky scalp?

According to WebMD, no one knows precisely what causes dandruff, though a fungus called malassezia may play a role. It’s normal to have malassezia on your skin. Too much of it, though, is linked to dandruff.

These are some of the common reasons your scalp can get dry and itchy:

Seborrheic dermatitis (or seborrhea): This common skin condition causes redness, itching, and flaking. It can occur on many parts of the body. When it affects the scalp, it’s called dandruff. It’s treatable. Most often, over-the-counter medicated shampoos will stop the flakes from falling. More stubborn cases will likely benefit from prescription-strength shampoos and steroid creams.

Scalp psoriasis can cause dandruff-like itching and flaking. Psoriasis happens when the immune system triggers too many skin cells to grow on various parts of the body. That can include your scalp. People with psoriasis may be more likely to get dandruff, but psoriasis is not dandruff.

Eczema. This skin condition can make your scalp itchy and flaky. It’s most common in babies and children, but anyone can get it. The cause is unknown. Moisturizers and prescription steroid creams can help relieve the symptoms, as can avoiding harsh soaps and scratching. It also helps to avoid stress whenever possible.

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  • Particularly mild cleansing with plant-based lipoamino acids and sugar surfactants.
  • Ethyl panthenol increases the absorption of moisture, protecting the hair from external influences.
  • Lactic acid esters alleviate irritation and have a mildly deodorising effect. In addition, they increase scalp softness and hair silkiness.
  • Quaternised polysaccharide from the guar bean makes hair more silky and easier to comb.

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