Your tool to thicker looking hair

La-Biosthetique-Creme-Fine-Hair-Cream-for-Fine-Hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1507 Your tool to thicker looking hair

If you don’t have fine hair, you won’t know the pain of how greasy it can get so quickly, how difficult it is to style and how unyouthful it generally looks. Give us thick tumbling locks any day, but in the absence of a magic wand, we need a product that gives us stylability, a reduction in oiliness and volume where most other products have failed us.

La Biosthetique Creme Fine Hair — Cream for Fine Hair gives fine, sensitive hair lift, texture and bounce and a visible volume boost.

This salon sized hair product helps fine hair which can rapidly lose volume on it own. Fine Hair Creme is the first hair mask that strengthens the hair structure without making it soft or weighing it down. It is a powerful package that gives the hair a boost.

Fine Hair Creme thoroughly and lovingly conditions fine or curly hair, strengthens the hair structure from within and maintains it with lasting protection. The result is a fantastically natural body and volume, as well as brilliant resilience and flexibility. In addition, life and springiness is restored to curly hair. The Fine Hair Power complex developed by La Biosthétique restructures and protects the hair from within, reinforces the cuticle, which gives it an extra boost of strength and shine. The hair’s strength and firmness are finally and lastingly restored. Scientifically proven: Fine hair is much stronger, much more resistant and visibly more voluminous.

How to use:
After washing with Shampoo Vital or Shampoo Volume distribute a hazelnut- to walnut-sized amount of cream depending on the hair length strand by strand into the hair and knead in. Ideally, wrap in a towel and leave in for 10 minutes. Then carefully rinse with water.

Main ingredients:

  • Ceramides: strengthen the cuticle and protect the sensitive inside of the hair restructure the hair.
  • Ethoxylated castor oil: improves the structure.
  • Wheat germ extract: supports springiness.
  • Quaternised keratin hydrolysate: conditions and protects.

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