How to revitalise tired skin

Maria-Galland-Perfecting-Lift-Day-Cream-801-50ml-abloomnova.net_-1200x1600 How to revitalise tired skin

Nights out, lack of sleep, fast food and stress can all culminate in skin that looks like its seen better days. So how do you revitalise a complexion that you’ve not been giving enough TLC to?

Some tips from the ever-knowledgeable SheKnows about how you can fix your skin back to its normal glowing self…

1. Say goodbye to blemishes

We’re all used to taking aspirin for a headache, but it can also be great to treat another side effect of too many late nights and toxins: blotchy, irritated skin. According to MailOnline, budget painkillers make an effective face mask. Simply crush a single aspirin in a bowl, add a very small amount of toner, and mix to create a thick paste. After cleaning your skin thoroughly, apply the paste to any red, blotchy areas of your face, and leave it on for five minutes. Wash it off, then apply a small dab of honey to any blemishes. Honey has antibiotic properties, making it great for acne prevention. Wash the honey off after 10 minutes, and say hello to clearer skin.

2. Brave the cold

A cold shower might be the last thing you feel like after a late night, but it’s extremely good for your skin. Cold water is much more hydrating than hot and helps to close pores, keeping your skin smooth and healthy. To make it more bearable, have a lukewarm shower first, then switch to cold water for the last few minutes.


3. Zap blackheads with baking soda

If you’ve been lazy about taking off your makeup when you come home in the early hours of the morning, the buildup of product might lead to outbreaks of pimples on your skin. A home remedy for getting rid of blackheads is a baking soda mask: Add just enough water to a small bowl of some baking soda to create a creamy mixture, apply it to your entire face, and leave it on until it dries. Remove it with a damp washcloth, and apply plenty of moisturisers.

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