Bring Them To Justice! Matis Les Yeux / Repairing Eye Cream

“Spending a few nights with my carpenter friends wasn’t easy, late night sleep plus allergy scrawls in when there’s piles of wood dusts got my eyes itchy.  I suppose that’s unavoidable, we all have those moments to balance to have fun in life and maintain our health as comfortable as we are — still I was so annoyed by the fact that me and many other people with nose allergy are mostly going to get a pair of eye bags as bonus from the allergy, only because blood vessel along our noses connect to eye circuit so it kinds of pressure on eye areas when we start blowing our noses!  It’s just not fair, not to mention I have more allergy conditions than average people, they get puffy and sensitive, squeezing my nerves and lines at the corner of my eyes, not until I’ve try to keep up with Matis repairing eye cream which eases the problem bit by bit, I look much more energized and refresh in the morning, and I relieved when my colleagues stoped calling me walking dead!”
matis-reponse-yeux-reviving-eye-cream Bring Them To Justice! Matis Les Yeux / Repairing Eye Cream
Matis is quite a new brand introduced to Abloomnova’s range of products, but this repairing eye cream is frequently mentioned through our chats with customers, as it targets signs of aging on our eye area, precisely and gently slip in its active ingredients such as macadamia nut oil to strengthen and tamarind extract to improve skin’s natural barrier against all those puffy, tired and cracked up lines Denise mentioned in her review. We can tell that her dark circles are less severe with her nose allergy!

And one great thing about the eye cream is that it can be treated as a primer before applying makeup! So it is perfect for anyone who are very aware of maintaining eyes’ condition while there are environmental effects pulling it back. 24/7. You can also apply it during the night to energize and increase skin’s resistance, so to get a lasting result even when the cream is used up!

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