Why is my skin so greasy?

skin-brighteners-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Why is my skin so greasy?

If you’re wondering why skin gets so greasy, the answer is not exactly straightforward. As with wrinkles and dark spots, you can blame this one on the sun and warmer weather in general.

According to Glamour Magazine, heat has a naturally stimulating effect, causing more secretions from oil glands. It’s a kind of defense mechanism, since the higher-than-usual amount of sebum creates an extra physical barrier over your skin. And while this sounds great, it means your skin also gets oilier more quickly. The thought is that a 1-degree increase in temperature can cause skin to increase oil production by 10%. So if you’re in the middle of a heatwave—or stuck without AC—your skin is going to bear the consequences.

So when you’re trying to fight the shine, what’s the best thing you can do? There’s an array of quick fixes around, but the experts generally agree the most effective way is by keeping your skin cool. Washing with cold water and keeping your skincare products in the fridge is a great way to close up the capillaries under the skin and keep sebum production at bay.

But we also really recommend choosing a skin product that is designed to combat greasy skin. One of our most popular products for decreasing shiny skin is Guinot Matizone — Shine Control Moisturiser — (never be afraid to moisturise with greasy skin!).This is the first long lasting “perfectly” mattifying and hydrating face cream and does so by absorbing shine without dehydrating the skin. This allows the complexion to regain radiance and allow the complexion to look enhanced.

This product contains these amazing active components:

    • Mati-sponges: Mattifying Powders (instantaneously neutralise shine without drying out the skin like make-up powders).
    • Hydrocyte complex: A powerful hydrating and protecting active ingredient (long-lasting hydration, particularly for fragile areas of the face such as the cheeks).



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