Why you should use shower gel

Thalgo-Marine-Shower-Gel-Gel-Douche-Marin-abloomnova.net_-1600x1238 Why you should use shower gel

Your daily shower should be a chance to start the day feeling fresh and invigorated. However, if you’re using soap instead of shower gel, then you’re not really preparing your mind and body in the best way.

We look at why you should make the switch to gel (thanks to MensXP), right now we are loving Thalgo Marine Shower Gel – Gel Douche Marin, and start the day in the best possible way.

  1. Shower Gels have a more potent formulation in terms of combining essential oils, fragrances and vitamins. As compared to soaps, a greater variety of cosmetic and self-hygiene purposes are addressed by shower gels. For instance, you can find oatmeal gels that are meant to scrub the body mildly. Some gels are enthused with anti-perspirant chemicals that are very handy for people who perspire heavily.
  1. Shower gels are more helpful in terms of keeping your bathroom products away from common use and contamination. It is very common to find soap bars covered in body hair of others. However, the shower gel is packaged in such a way that it cannot be penetrated—shower gels are usually more sanitary.
  1. Many companies have started creating aromatherapeutic shower gels. These are enriched with special, floral and effervescent compounds that cannot be packed into soaps. The fragrance exuded by these compounds is akin to scents being used for helping people relax in herbal saunas/baths.
  1. From the perspective of making a savings, soaps present a greater chance of wastage. There is always the likelihood of losing some part of the soap due to moisture or when left in a wet soap-dish. In comparison, shower gels are without such hassles. They are restricted within their tube-like packagings and are immune to moisture issues. Further, it is easier to squeeze-out a more measured amount of gel. In comparison, most people tend to rub the soap bar excessively.
  1. When it comes to creating a rich lather, most shower gels tend to defeat the best of soaps. This is essentially due to the fluid-like composition of shower gels that allows the best of surfactants to be combined. With minimal rubbing, a more foamy bathing experience can be created by using shower gels.

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