Body Care Tips for your Daily skin care routine

We have been introducing series of skin care routines that focus on different types of skin, and to fulfill our mission to offer greatness for the best of you, let’s do a round dedicated to our body care tips!  Remember the song “Head and shoulders, knees and toes”, bear this in mind while you are reading this (All staff turned back into children and had a day of fun with this haha);

Neck Skin Care:

Starting from your neckline, like what we have been mentioning, skin in this area is thinner than your face, and your chest. You really need to take care of it and get into a habit to moisturize and cleanse it as if the skin on your neck and chest is considered an area of your face as well.  You might not be bothered when little spots or rashes appear, yet in a long term, these will gradually signify some deeper problems and under minimal care and maintenance, for example, cause sagging and wrinkles on your neck.

Hand Care:

Remember mum says if you have to spot the real age of a lady, the best way is always to look at her hands, as they are the ‘tools’ we probably use and expose the most, maybe some of us are housewives or hard working ladies who cannot be bother with our hands. If you take a look at them, you won’t realize how they aged quickly!  So whenever you are applying moisturizer, massage the remaining on the back of your hands. And if you are more determined to delay aging of hands, apply SPF on them as well, or you can try what my mum has been doing: a hand mask by using Vaseline and thin cotton gloves and sleep with this. One of the best body care tips my mum has given me, I think.

Caring for Elbows, knees and toes:

Ignore my weirdest act in squeezing my elbows from time to time, people usually miss out this part of body and leave them dry and calloused, start exfoliating your elbows while you are exfoliating your face or body. With a few drops of vitamin oils or rich body lotion you will gradually understand, to put a few steps onwards, will give a tremendous positive changes to your body as whole. It always comes in handy when taking care of our body, for example, put extra attention to your knees, back of your legs and toes when putting on moisturizer, you will have these routine anyway, why not add-on some more care to them?

General tips for the rest of your Body:

In general, the main body care tips you should remember are: we should always stay away from hot baths, and protect our body from the sun at all times, as both of these activities are soaking heat into your skin and will dry and damage your skin to strip its natural oil (pat to dry, please).  Moisture your skin on daily basis and dress warmly at all times to avoid irritation especially in weather getting colder at night; also do shower and get changed immediately after workout as sweat and will clog your pores (and remember that sweats are the result of your detox activities, you could imagine how dirty can they be).  To prevent and to plump up your skin, drink loads and loads of water, keep a healthy diet and beauty sleep.

We all know these little rules, but how to fulfill them?  My friend Fiona recommended us a wonderful method, which is to mark all these little ‘orders’ on your schedule/ calendar, and have them crossed once you have done it.  Yes, there will be a sudden boost of ‘to-do’ in a day, but you will gradually feel accomplished and motivated in doing these little BIG things to yourself!

In skin care industry nowadays, Abloomnova is always striving for much more than being pretty, the most important of every product we selected can bring comfiness for you to feel from your body to soul, your body is not only the largest organ but the temple for you to rest in.


Love xx







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