What you need to know about wrinkles

Dr.-Spiller-Celltresor-Intense-Rebuilding-Cream-Light-abloomnova.net_ What you need to know about wrinkles

Wrinkles are just wrinkles, right? Wrong. In dermatology, wrinkles are divided into three groups – those that are static, those that dynamic and deep wrinkles.

To make sense of what these terms mean, Skin Kissable have explained the ins and outs of what makes these three types of wrinkles so different.

1. Static Wrinkles

We can see these wrinkles even when the muscle is at rest. These wrinkles are due to the lack of elasticity in the skin caused from:

Dynamic wrinkles
Sun exposure

2. Dynamic Or Expression Wrinkles

These type of wrinkles are linked to the underlying muscles we use for facial expressions, and appear temporarily when a muscle contracts.

Every time we make a facial movement like laughing, frowning or squinting. Expression lines begin to appear in our faces because of the repeated contractions of the facial muscles.

These facial movements are accumulative and start to show at around thirty.

The expression lines get deeper as we age, and it will get worse with sun damage and loss of collagen and elastin.

3. Deep Wrinkles

Deep wrinkles are often due to the effects of gravity. Changes related to gravity become more pronounced as we get older.

The skin’s elasticity declines and the face tissues start to sag – sagging skin – causing:

The tip of the nose to drop
The eyelids to fall
Jowls to form
The thinning of the upper lip
Loss of neckline
Hollow look to the eyes

If you’re worried about the appearance or exacerbation of fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend Dr. Spiller Celltresor Intense Rebuilding Cream Light, a 24-hour skin care product that provides preventive protection while simultaneously rebuilding the skin. It reduces wrinkles and boosts skin volume. The skin is prompted to rebuild the dermis and the epidermis, thereby regaining vigour, elasticity and volume. It helps the longevity of skin cells, which leads to a visibly rejuvenated complexion.


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