What do you cleanse with?

Babor-Cleansing-CP-HY-Oil-Phytoactive-Reactivating-Set-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 What do you cleanse with?

What do you cleanse with? Soap and water? The best offer at the chemist or supermarket? For many people, their cleanser has been picked, not whether its ideal for your skin, but whether it’s the cheapest product instore that particular day.

But its so important to choose a product on its benefits too.

One of our favourite cleansing sets, the Babor Cleansing CP HY-Oil & Phytoactive Reactivating Set, has been created for skincare fans in a special limited edition box.

Unique HY-ÖL® and Phytoactive cleansing sets are now avaliable in the special ‘1956’ limited edition packaging. The classic skincare duo has been packaged in an elegant, white-and-gold metal box with a specific colour code to show which combination suits the particular skin type.

Babor Cleansing CP HY-Oil & Phytoactive Reactivating Set includes:

Babor Cleansing CP HY-Oil 200ml

Babor Cleansing CP Phytoactive Reactivating 100ml

Babor has combined the natural cleansing powers of oil and water to create a unique bi-phase cleanser. The combination of HY-ÖL® and Phytoactive removes both oil-and-water-soluble dirt particles gently yet thoroughly, without leaving any feelings of tightness. It lets skin breath freely and lends the complexion a fresh rosy appearance.

HY-ÖL® is made up of a special formulation of pure, plant-based, hydrophilic oils, such as soybean, sesame and peanut oil. Quillaja extract is another active ingredient found in this unique cleansing product and acts like a dirt magnet to promote healthy skin. HY-ÖL®must be used with the correct Phytoactive depending on your specific skin type.

A phytoactive is a moisturising herbal complex which contains a detoxifying extract Agrimonia eupatoria for a heightened cleansing effect. Each phytoactive is tailored to the four basic skin types. Skin has a fresh and rosy appearance.

How to use:

Apply HY-ÖL® (4 pumps) to dry skin, then smooth over 2 pumps of Phytoactive. Massage in with moistened fingertips until al milky emulsion is formed. Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of cool water.

Active ingredients:

Sweet almond – calming.

Chinese date – moisturising.

Ginkgo biloba – radical scavenger, smooths skin.


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