Are calcium supplements the new beauty craze?

calcium-supplements-beauty-1600x1060 Are calcium supplements the new beauty craze?

It has been long regarded that calcium is a hugely important mineral inside the body – but can it do anything to help outside the body as well?

It appears in the skin – the highest levels of calcium are found in the epidermis – and is there to shed old cells and generate new ones. However, interest has been growing about whether calcium applied topically can make any difference to our overall appearance.

Its role in the production of sebum has been well researched – with scientists discovering that with a deficiency of calcium, individuals suffer from very dry, thin skin – amongst other things.

An ingredient called Essenskin has been developed. This is a product aimed at women over sixty years of age. It promises to target thin and fragile skin by fortifying and restructuring it with its calcium-based formula.

Essenskin is a mixture of a few ingredients – with mainly quite repelling names like pentylene glycol, polysorbate-20, 3-aminopropane sulfonic acid, calcium hydroxymethionine and hydroxyethylcellulose.

The company who formulated Essenskin, Sederma, are confident in their belief that their invention is revolutionary in the field of anti-ageing products.

They claim that it will kick start sluggish cell metabolism and protein synthesis within aged skin. Not only this but the ingredients are meant to work together to rebalance the ion flow and recreate calcium gradient. We’re not one hundred per cent sure what this means but it sounds great.

The study was conducted by Sederma, and not by an independent source, so we’re going to be suitably skeptical about the results. However, the test on twenty nine women, who had an average age of sixty years and all had mature skin and sagging necklines, used a cream with 2.5% concentration of Essenskin. The company claims skin density increased by 68%, firmness and elasticity by 80%.

Essenskin is to be found only in a few products so far, but its popularity seems to be growing.





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