Calcium products help prevent hair growth

calcium-products-hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Calcium products help prevent hair growth

For those suffering with thinning or receding hair, there is always a never-ending search for the ultimate cure. Handstands, thickening shampoos and head massages have all been tried and tested in the pursuit for a fuller mane. However, the secret could lie in what we put in our bodies by way of nutrients.

Hair growth is effected by our physical, mental and emotional state. Hair falls out if we’re undergoing a period of stress, if there is a hormonal imbalance (often after childbirth) or if we deprive our bodies of certain vitamins and minerals.

Calcium – amongst other things – has a huge part to play in the growth of healthy hair. By taking the mineral with vitamin D and magnesium, you are helping your body to absorb those much needed nutrients which go on to kick start cell regeneration. This improves the production of keratin in the nail beds and hair follicles which gives strength to hair and nails.

This is just one part of the larger picture for looking after your hair by what you consume. If you’re looking to optimise your chances of improving your diet, you can avoid certain foods. Chocolate, coffee and rhubarb are just some of the foods that rob the body of calcium. These are sometimes known as calcium blockers.


Iodine deficiency can lead to hair loss, as it is needed for the thyroid to perform properly. It is recommended that the daily dose of iodine should be around 112 to 225 mcg of iodine per day.


People deficient in zinc can often experience hair loss, and experts recommend around 15mg of zinc a day.

Folic acid

Folic acid also helps with cell division. People deficient in folic acid will experience anaemia, fatigue and in some cases hair loss. It is recommended you take supplements or have a diet that provides between 400 and 800 mcg a day.

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