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Do skin care products for men differ from skin care products for women? At first it may appear that skin is skin, no matter what body it’s on. However, there are many factors that play in to skin types – and gender is no exception. So, yes, men’s skin care is different to women’s – it has to be, as men have significantly different skin.

The problem is that skincare isn’t a major priority with most men. In fact, the only products you’ll find in a man’s bathroom cabinet in shaving gel and perhaps a bit of moisturiser. This is changing, however, and it is more acceptable to purchase male skincare than it was a few decades ago.

However, according to Dr. Brian Zelickson, in an interview in Harper’s Bazaar, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Founder of MD Complete, the skincare routine of a man should vary from that of a woman. “Men’s skin is about 25% thicker with more collagen, more and larger hair follicles and more sebum production, all of which is mostly due to increased testosterone production. These structural differences make men’s skin less sensitive and able to handle stronger ingredients. However, it also makes them a bit more acne-prone, so they don’t need as heavy cream-based products,” says Dr. Zelickson.

There are other contributing factors to making men’s skin different to that of women’s. Men tend to shave more, there statistically spend more time outdoors on average and are actually at a higher risk for skin cancer – which makes skin-repairing ingredients and SPF even more essential for men.

“Men generally prefer fragrance-free, all-in-one products that are easy to use,” says Zelickson, whereas women tend to prefer pretty scents and longer, luxurious routines. “Women’s products should have ingredients that will to cater to the fact that they have thinner skin and tend to lose moisture to a greater degree and get photodamage at an earlier age in general. There are many similarities, but well-formulated moisturisers, cleansers and scrubs will have significant differences for both sexes.”

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