How to combat demanding skin

anti-aging-skin-care-products-abloomnova.net_-1600x1200 How to combat demanding skin

Like with any health problem, the source of demanding skin is subject to internal and external factors. The natural ageing process of the skin cannot be stopped, but can be delayed through proper care.

The characteristics of dry skin at a glance:

  • Declining resilience and firmness
  • Increasing dryness
  • Declining skin density
  • Reduction of connective tissues
  • Formation of wrinkles
  • A few skin blemishes

A number of products that we sell online are incredibly effective at helping demanding skin. Some of these include:

Biodroga Global Anti-Age Formula 24h Care for Demanding Skin

This gel acts as 24 hour care for demanding skin. This new generation of effective cosmetics vitalises the functions of mature skin. The innovative Global Anti-Age Complex combines EDP (oligopeptides) and phyto-stem cells for a sustainable anti-aging effect. EDP stimulates the natural growth of new skin cells and improves the elastin synthesis. Phyto-stem cells protect the longevity of skin’s own stem cells and stimulate their activity.

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care Hydro-Marin Elixir

Highly concentrated, long-lasting serum that provides a deep working action with exquisite extracts of Freshwater Pearl, Seaweed and Brown Algae to stimulate collagen production and efficiently repair and restructure stressed skin. This water-based is designed for demanding and mature skin.

The many benefits of this serum include increased resilience and moisture. The antioxidants also strengthen the skin’s immune system.

Contains the following active Ingredients:

  • Fresh Water Pearl Extract
  • Gorgonien Extract
  • Seaweed
  • Brown Algae Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid

La Biosthetique Menulphia Hydratante – Intensive Care Cream for Very Dehydrated Skin

Regenerating cream for dehydrated, demanding skin. Moisturises and vitalises the skin and makes it feel smooth. Reduces the wrinkles’ depth for a firmer, fresher and more supple skin.

The ingredients include:

  • Lipo-amino-acids activate the natural regeneration of demanding skin. Improvement of skin elasticity and creation of a natural, long-lasting moisture reservoir.
  • Special active substances support the skin metabolism and optimize the protein synthesis in the cells.
  • Hyaluronic acid provides deep acting hydration.
  • DPHP (lipo-amino acid) stimulates the skin’s cell regeneration.



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