A little on the background of Guinot Mary Cohr

791870 A little on the background of Guinot Mary Cohr

Who or what is Guinot Mary Cohr? Guinot Mary Cohr is a Paris-based skin care company. From the makers of our beloved skincare brand, Guinot, Mary Cohr is a shoot off brand that has its main passion in the ingredients within beauty products.

According to their website, they believe that every ingredient used in skincare should have great benefit for a person’s complexion. Which is why Mary Cohr’s beauty care products include active ingredients, chosen from the heart of nature. They believe that their products nourish the skin with only the best and most active botanical substances.

(As well as this, keen eyed tennis fans may have heard of this brand at the French Open where they are known in the tennis world for sponsoring an exhibition team-tennis event the week before the French Open.)

Their mission statement reads as follows: “Mary Cohr goes to the heart of nature to obtain the best for women’s beauty.  Mary Cohr laboratories indeed select the best plants, from which the very best active ingredients are extracted; the latter are then incorporated into our products at the optimal concentrations, in order to obtain the best beauty results for you.”

They also believe in producing skincare products and beauty treatments which are as natural as possible. In fact, according to themselves, they were the first beauty salon brand that went GMO-free, paraben-free, chemical filter-free, with skin-compatible scents – so that your skin obtains intense nourishment from the best and the most active of the secrets held within plants.

This brand is mainly used by beauticians and therapists in salons and spas all over the world and cover face, body and hair removal treatments for both men and women.  Abloomnova stocks a huge range of Guinot Mary Cohr products for all areas of the body.



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