Does your face cream have an SPF?

Guinot-Douceur-de-Vie-Skin-Defence-SPF15-abloomnova.net_-1600x1047 Does your face cream have an SPF?

When you’re out and about – even if you’re in the sun for a short period of time – it’s important to wear a sunscreen. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by using a face cream with an SPF already factored in. That way, if you use moisturiser every day, you won’t forget to put it on!

Something like Guinot Douceur de Vie – Skin Defence SPF15 is a great solution for anyone concerned with protecting their skin from damaging UV rays.

This is a moisturiser for sensitive skin and comes with an SPF15. Guinot Douceur de Vie helps to regenerate and reinforce skin from the inside, thanks to the ‘Cell Living Environment’. De-stressing Essential Oils help to sooth and desensitises your skin.

For some more sunscreen tips, Dr Bailey advises to wear a certain type of make up. Makeup goes on top of sunscreen and it ideally should be a mineral makeup which gives you even more physical sun protection by this same bouncing mechanism. Then, if you’re really out in the sun, you need a great hat and to try to aim for staying in the shade as much as possible.  (Of course, for extreme and sustained outdoor sun exposure, like a day at the beach,  you just have to reapply sun screen every two hours.)

It takes some effort and planning but your skin will reward you by looking younger than you expect, and for years! As you’ve probably already heard, most of the undesirable skin changes we see with age like wrinkles, age spots and skin thinning are actually due to sun damage.   Remember, you need sun protection all year round because even those winter UVA rays cause skin aging and skin cancer.

Guinot Douceur de Vie – Skin Defence SPF15 has all active ingredients working together to make sensitive skin feel comfortable, protect it and moisturise. It combats and protects against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays (SPF 15).

This product is suitable to be used all year round and every day.

Active Ingredients:

– De-stressing Essential Oils: Lemon, Camomile, Lavender – these oils are delicately absorbed into the epidermis and have a natural softening action. In addition, as essential oils they provide beneficial and de-stressing energy, which is valuable to sensitive skin.

Anne F, one of our many satisfied customers at Abloomnova, has reviewed this product saying, “I have used this product for about ten years and would not be without it! It has a sunblock factor of 15 and often I forget to put sunblock on when I am in the garden and my shoulders get burnt and my face is still fine.”

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