How to de-frizz your hair

how-to-defrizz-your-hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to de-frizz your hair

Remember that episode of Friends, when they all go off to Barbados and Monica’s hair starts getting bigger and bigger?

Many women identified with her struggle against the frizz, and have embarked on a neverend quest for the perfect de-frizz solution.

But, it’s pretty simple. When hair is damaged or dry, the outer layer of hair (the cuticle) lifts, which allows moisture to pass through and swell your hair strands.

The complicated world of frizzy hair in a nutshell is this – dry air meaning moisture stays in meaning frizz heaven.

So how do you deal with frizzy hair and make sure your dealings with it are kept to a minimum?

Here’s a couple of anti-frizz rules for a happier life, and happier hair.

  1. Turn down the heat on your styling tools

You may have noticed, but high temperatures on your wands and straighteners means that your hair cuticles go haywire. If possible, turn the temp down to 365 degrees Fahrenheit for a calmer do.

  1. Wear a showercap

Which translates as, by all means shower – but just don’t wash your hair every day. Let yur scalp’s natural oils work their magic on your follicles. If you suffer the double injustice of oily, frizzy hair, try and train your hair through washing every other day and using dry shampoo.

  1. Condition those babies

When you do wash your hair, make conditioning the most important aspect of your hair wash. We love La Biosthetique Conditioner Anti Frizz – Restructuring Taming which tames hair instantly.

  1. Hair mask it

In fact, condition AND wear a hair mask. Using coconut oil and wrapping your hair into a bun overnight is the surefire way to gorgeous locks.

  1. Use sulfate-free shampoos

Use a sulphate-free shampoo, as sulphate dries your hair our big time and causes ahir to absorb every drop of moisture in the atmosphere – leading to, yep, you guessed it!

La Biosthetique Conditioner Anti Frizz is restructuring and taming conditioner, ideal for unruly, dry, stressed and unmanageable hair. It provides the hair with moisture and restructures locks leaving them silky and glossy. It has a lasting calming and conditioning effect for frizzy hair.

Apply once or twice a week on washed and towel dried hair. Leave to work for 1-2 minutes then rinse out.

Tip: For an optimum long-term effect, subsequently apply Anti Frizz Styling Balm.


  • Ultra light lipids nourish the hair without weighing it down, improving elasticity and stylability.
  • Soft silicones make the hair less sensitive to the changing environmental conditions.
  • Aqua-Style Complex works as a humidity barrier and enhances control over flyaways and static electricity.


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