How to get younger skin

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As we get older our body begins to lose some of its natural resilience and nowhere is this more apparent than with our skin. According to SkinVitality, the foundation of this comes from the fact that the skin, with time, begins to thin and dry out, unable to take in enough hydration. The body starts to lose its ability to produce sufficient levels of elastin and collagen due to the fact that our skin cells receive less moisture. Environmental and chronological aging come together to make this process occur either more or less quickly.

Our family history can have much to do with how young our skin looks (one person may have deep wrinkles at 35 while another has smooth skin) but the decisions we make also greatly affect it. Chronological (otherwise known as genetic or intrinsic) aging sees our skin eventually becoming drier and thinner. Because less moisture is able to penetrate the skin, our cells have less of the fuel they need to produce fatty collagen and stretchy elastin.

When this occurs, a void is left that is filled by less appropriate macromolecules, unable to properly compensate for the role that ample collagen previously filled. This is when wrinkles begin to form (usually beginning in the 30s and becoming much more noticeable into the early 40s and beyond) along with creases and an overall decrease in smoothness and fullness. Everyone must deal with chronological aging as they get older but there are ways that we can maintain youthful looking skin even as we age. The environment accelerates aging and creates many of the features that we describe as “aging skin”.

La Biosthetique Anti-Age Traitement Contour is an incredible product to use in this situation. Thanks to its instant smoothing effect it noticeably and lastingly firms, tightens and rejuvenates the skin in the eye area. Wrinkles, fine lines and under eye shadows are visibly reduced.

Apply mornings and evenings around the sensitive eye area and lightly tap in.

  • Phyto cell extracts of phyto stem cells protect and regenerate mother cells.
  • Glyco cell extracts of organically bound silicon from brown algae have a skin calming effect, activate the collagen production and protect against external influences.
  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid binds moisture.
  • Liposomally encapsulated soybean isoflavones repairs, strengthens and increases skin thickness.

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