The holy grail for frizzy hair

La-Biosthetique-Structure-Creme-Reparatrice-Structurising-Deep-Conditioning-Treatment-abloomnova.net_-1580x1600 The holy grail for frizzy hair

Have you fought against frizzy hair all your life? Many women – and a lot of guys too – have a hair default setting of frizz. If certain steps are not followed, hair dries up and the frizz fiesta begins. But all is not lost. We have a wonder-product, which we’ll tell you about after you check whether you’re following these anti-frizz tips (thanks LuxyHair):

When you come out of the shower, towel dry your hair very gently (pro tip: using a soft cotton t-shirt instead of a harsh towel) and start brushing slowly from the bottom of your hair moving up. Then blow dry your hair with a round brush as shown in the video above. The round brush really helps to smooth the cuticles and take out the frizz.

Use a little bit of argan oil (read our post on 5 best oils for your hair here) after blowdrying and spread it evenly throughout the hair. If there are still some frizzy hairs left at the top, use a tiny bit of hair wax and smooth them down. Have it handy with you when you go out!

If you’re having a hair emergency when you’re out, you can just take some water and pat the hair down. It’s a temporary solution, but hey, whatever works!

La Biosthetique Structure Creme Reparatrice – Structurising Deep-Conditioning Treatment repairs the hair and restores hairs natural beauty.  An intensive care that provides and seals in moisture of dry, porous or frizzy hair. Deeply regenerated and protected, the hair becomes softer, shiny and more elastic. The deep-conditioning treatment contains a lasting conditioning complex of highly potent active ingredients that deeply repair and rebuild the hair.

Easy to use, just apply evenly to hair after shampoo. Allow to take effect for 10 –15 minutes, then rinse out thoroughly.


A selected and highly concentrated care and repair complex:

  • Quaternary hydrolized wheat protein.
  • Pentylene glycol.
  • A polymer protector.




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