How to achieve the matte look

Maria-Galland-Velvet-Skin-Mattifying-Cream-300-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 How to achieve the matte look

Halfway through the day, do you glance in the mirror, only to see a shiny complexion look back at you? Are photos of you not taken without a liberal amount of face powder to take the sheen off?

This condition is not out of the ordinary, according to HowStuffWorks. If you’re one of the many people afflicted by oily or combination skin, you may have a tough time combating the oil so that it doesn’t become the prominent feature on your face. This oil is called sebum, a substance produced by the sebaceous glands, and its main function is to lubricate the skin and hair. Oily skin is a result of an overproduction of sebum caused by any number of factors, including hormones, bacteria, medications and heredity [source: Mayo Clinic]. Oily skin can occur all over your face, or along what’s often referred to as the “t-zone,” a t-shaped area that runs across the forehead and down the nose and chin.

Acne medication and special facial washes can help fight oily skin, but sometimes the sebaceous glands are so active that within a couple hours of washing, your face might have excessive oil on it again. To fight oily skin throughout the day, a mattifier can help control sebum without you needing a prescription from a dermatologist. One such mattifier is a mattifying lotion, a product with distinct ingredients that’s formulated to soak up sebum. When you apply the lotion on your face, it works to absorb the oils and give skin an overall matte appearance.

For a smoother look, we love Maria Galland Velvet Skin-Mattifying Cream 300. This skin care cream balances the sebum production of the skin and offers it renewed energy while counteracting premature skin ageing. The active ingredient luffa cylindrica settles on the cutaneous surface and absorbs – like a sponge – excess oil on the skin, leaving the complexion perfectly matte (“superior matte effect”). The complexion glows with freshness and vitality. As a result, wrinkles are diminished.

For best results, apply morning and/or evening to cleansed skin and gently massage in.

Main active ingredients: Luffa cylindrica, cera alba, wheat protein, vitamins E and A, algae extract, papaya fruit extract, macrocystis pyrifera extract, vitamin C.

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