Why Your Skin Gets So Greasy

Matis-Reponse-Purete-Shine-Control-Purifying-Care-abloomnova.net_-1600x1259 Why Your Skin Gets So Greasy

As with wrinkles and dark spots, you can blame this one on the sun—and on warmer weather too. Heat has a naturally stimulating effect, causing more secretions from oil glands. It’s a kind of defence mechanism, since the higher-than-usual amount of sebum creates an extra physical barrier over your skin. And while this sounds great, it means your skin also gets oilier more quickly. According to Glamour, the thought is that a 1-degree increase in temperature can cause skin to increase oil production by 10%. So if you’re in hot weather—or stuck without AC—your skin is going to bear the consequences.

The Shine Is Just the Beginning

Shiny-looking skin can give lead to a break out of spots. The increase in temperature plus sun exposure can lead to additional clogging of the pores with more sebum. So if, for example, you’re trying to dry up your existing acne by lying out in the sun, it turns into a catch-22, because you’re incidentally causing more zits to pop up. That’s not all. When it’s hot outdoors, the increase of blood flow naturally increases heat and sensitivity in the skinSo not only are you oilier, but you’re also more red and prone to irritation. Summertime sadness, for real.

How to Combat the Extra Oil

Heat ramps up oil production and cold, conversely, does the opposite. Cooling skin can reduce the sebum released, since a colder temperature causes the pores to contract. With closed-up pores, oil is less likely to squeeze out and hang out on your face. Sadly, cooling skin does not include diving face-first into a frozen margarita. Store skincare products in the fridge and washing your face with cool or at least lukewarm water. There are benefits to this besides easing up on oiliness. Cleansing, toning and moisturising with cool-temperature products will constrict the capillaries to ease redness and irritation.

Another key thing is a good shine-reducing product. Try Matis Reponse Purete Shine Control Purifying Care, which is a light moisturiser that addresses the superficial and structural signs of sebaceous imbalance. It reduces oil production and controls shine. Matis Shine Control Purifying Care has an incomparably fresh and light texture that mattifies and protects, leaving skin comfortable and able to breathe.

For Combination/Acne-Prone skin.

Features / Benefits:

  • Purifies, protects and perfects combination and oily skin.
  • Improved formula with absorbent micro-powders.
  • Texture and fragrance designed for combination-oily skin types.
  • Great for summertime and overactive subaceous glands.

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