Professional-facial-products-abloomnova.net_-800x533 Some tips to using a facemask
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Some tips to using a facemask

Facemasks are one of the best ways to unwind. Running a bath, lighting some candles and smearing on a detoxifying, calming face pack is the perfect way to shut out the rest of the world. So if you’re into pampering, you might want to know the best way of applying a facemask. Here are some tips […]

La-Biosthetique-Anti-Age-Traitement-Levres-abloomnova.net_-721x800 Why wrinkles need collagen
Anti Aging, Gatineau

Why wrinkles need collagen

If you’ve not been lying under a rock, you’ll know that collagen is the anti-ageing holy grail. Collagen keeps skin resilient and joints working smoothly and provides the structure in the tissue that connects our organs—but past the ripe old age of 30, everyone’s collagen production declines. If you lose the collagen structure in your […]

Guinot-Creme-Hydra-Beaute-Long-Lasting-Moisturising-Cream-abloomnova.net_-657x800 Has the sun discoloured your skin?
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Has the sun discoloured your skin?

If you’re suffering from discolouring and pigmentation of the complexion, the sun might be to blame. La Biosthetique Anti-Age Serum Depigmentant reduces pigment and age spots, actively combats wrinkles and protects the skin from external and internal stress factors, if the sun has visibly made its mark. The skin is particularly prone to unattractive pigment […]

Carita-Progressif-Anti-Rides-Supreme-Wrinkle-Solution-Eye-Contour-PRO3W-abloomnova.net_-643x800 Do you suffer from sensitive skin?

Do you suffer from sensitive skin?

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Often, we may have problem skin without realising what the complaint is. Check out the following questions from Style Craze: Is your skin feeling tight or uncomfortable after washing? Are you getting those red spots and rashes more often than others? Is your skin getting burnt or tanned easily even if you […]

La-Biosthetique-Lotion-Epicelan-Preventif-Lotion-Against-Oily-Dandruff-abloomnova.net_-695x800 Oily scalps - and how to beat them
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Oily scalps – and how to beat them

Oily scalps can mean lank hair, lacklustre strands and often, skin complaints. So what’s the best way to reduce the amount of oily your scalp produces? Live Strong have some handy hints – and we have a killer product which has helped out countless customers. Shampoo Strategically If your oily scalp requires a daily shampoo, […]

Thalgo-Descomask-Scrub-Gommage-Descomask-abloomnova.net_-635x800 Exfoliating delicate skin

Exfoliating delicate skin

Is it safe to exfoliate delicate skin? When you spend so long protecting fragile skin, is it really a good idea to scrub it with harsh abrasives? The answer is yes, but there are gentler ways of exfoliating skin without using a brillo pad. Here are some tips thanks to StyleCraze: Get friendly with acids. […]

Payot-Perform-Sculpt-Nuit-Liposculpting-Firming-Care-abloomnova.net_-640x800 How to define your face

How to define your face

As we get older our face loses its shape, which can be ageing. But one way we can help is by doing exercises. Thanks to BollywoodShaadis who have given us our reps that we’ll start practising tonight. #1. Jaw movements While sitting straight, make your lower jaw drop down as much as possible. Next step […]