A Toss To Our Hair – Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Shampoo

For years we have been studying hard to figure the best formula for every face we encounter at Abloomnova, and we’ve got quite a lot of requests about health tips for scalp – the skin on our heads is as important as our faces, just take a glimpse of the hair product session at any drugstore and you will know! The question is “Which is the best hair product for me?” Here’s the answer from our newly introduced hair brand – Davines!

We are very glad to introduce to you our newest exploration in hair products, and to our surprise, Denise is a frequent user of Davines!  She said it’s a savior to her hair, read about her story:

“I guess I’m born with an obsession with different colours of hair, dying hair becomes my ritual since the end of GCSE’s, and I didn’t stick to certain hair shampoo’s until one time my body went into dysfunction.  As you could tell, my poor hair was seriously DAMAGED, and I didn’t realise it was THAT bad until my mum came to my room and complained, “Your hair is everywhere on the ground!”.  It was such a down time, I kept trying different hair shampoos, but it didn’t work. I used cooler water to wash my hair and padded it thoroughly before blowing it to dry, but it didn’t work either!  Then I thought it’s better to get a trim and some hair treatments in order to give my hair a good rest, so I went to salon and asked my hairdresser to get me a short haircut. I told him that I have a serious hair loss problem, then he suggested for me to try Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Shampoo. Trying my best to save my hair by all means, my hair became alive!”
davines-well-being-shampoo-800x266 A Toss To Our Hair - Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Shampoo

“Indeed I dramatized my experience (just a little), but I’ve been using Davines even since then, and with moderate yoga and a proper diet, my hair grows healthily- that gives me enough confidence to continue on my rainbow hair journey, I have it bleached twice and dyed for a few times for the last few months, I know I would be lying to say it’s healthy (especially when Asian hair is dark as ink)! But I swear there’s no big differences between hair dyes when I stick with Davines all along, just pay extra attention whenever you are drying or combing them! With all my heart, I sincerely recommend everyone to get a big bottle (1000ml!) of Davines hair products from the beginning, as you will not regret the beauty it brings to you!”
davines-well-being-shampoo-800x266 A Toss To Our Hair - Davines Naturaltech Well-Being Shampoo
^ Totally fascinated by Blue-footed booby!

Stay with us with more hair products and hair caring tips!

Click here to view Davines range of hair products.

Love xx

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