How vitamin C can brighten the skin

Guinot-Newhite-Vitamin-C-Brightening-Serum-abloomnova.net_-1600x1066 How vitamin C can brighten the skin

Vitamin C is one of the most abundant nutrients on the planet. There have been numerous studies that have demonstrated its usefulness in promoting health and fighting infection. In recent years, the list of benefits of Vitamin C in skin care has also been growing. From a cure to the common cold, Vitamin C has taken the lead as one of the most important treatments against skin aging and darkening. According to, vitamin C in the skin does the following:

  • Vitamin C inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase. By doing this, less melanin pigments are produced. Studies show that Vitamin C works mainly on pigments surrounding hair follicles.
  • Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant. It fights free radicals that cause skin aging and darkening. It also increases the levels of glutathione and Vitamin E in your body. These two are strong antioxidants as well. Glutathione also works by making the skin produce Pheomelanin instead of the darker Eumelanin.

  • Many studies show that topical Vitamin C repairs damaged skin when applied after sun exposure.
  • Vitamin C acts as a mild exfoliant. By getting rid of dead skin cells, which contain melanin, the skin becomes smoother and lighter.

Benefits Of Vitamin C On The Skin

Aside from giving you fairer and brighter skin, Vitamin C has other key benefits, such as:

  • Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis. Collagen is a vital part of the skin that gives it elasticity and makes it look young and firm. Vitamin C tells the body to produce more collagen. It is also an important cofactor in its production.
  • Vitamin C fights redness and inflammation. It can remove red blotches on the skin and is effective in treating acne and rosacea.
  • Vitamin C is essential in wound healing. It helps to keep the walls of blood vessels and capillaries intact. It stimulates new collagen production in wounds.  Vitamin C also protects wounds from infection.

Guinot Newhite Vitamin C Brightening Serum lightens and gives you an even complexion, reducing brown spots / dark spots while protecting against free radicals. Giving you an even skin tone.

  • Visibly corrects skin pigmentation, brightens and evens out skin tone.
  • Inhibits the production of excess melanin in your cells.

Use as an intensive 14 day treatment course, morning and evening by removing the vial of Pure Vitamin C from its packet and break off the top.

  • Then pour the powder contained in the vial into the bottle of serum and mix vigorously.
  • Pump twice. Using the fingertips, apply the serum in light dabs.

Active component:

  • Melanoxyl: Inhibit the production of excess melanin in your cells to reduce the size and color of dark spots.
  • Vitamin C: Illuminates your skin while defending against damage-causing free radical.

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