Do I really need to use conditioner?

La-Biosthetique-Structure-Conditionneur-Douceur-Care-Milk-for-Silky-Soft-Hair-abloomnova.net_-1600x1067 Do I really need to use conditioner?

If you’re wondering whether you need to use conditioner, you should learn a little about its role in hair care. Firstly, most shampoos use ingredients which not only clean the hair, but also strip it of all the natural oils that your scalp produces to protect your hair.

This can often mean that your hair works overtime in correcting the oil displacement, and sometimes produces more than needed. Conditioner can balance this out – and even people who struggle with greasy hair should still use conditioner.

The ends of your hair will thank you, and your scalp will learn to balance over time. It’s a little like people with oily skin, using cleansing products with harsh stripping agents to get rid of the grease, and end up with more acne problems then when they started. The skin overreacts, scrambling to produce oil to replace what you’ve washed away. Your hair and scalp react the same way. Many people also run into this problem when they try to shampoo less often to help keep their hair healthy, and most find that over time the scalp balances out and stops over producing oil.

In short, conditioning is essential to the overall health of the hair – from the tip to the base. La Biosthetique Structure Conditionneur Douceur – Care Milk for Silky Soft Hair provides instant care to protect the hair structure of all damaged and stressed hair with long-lasting results. The deep action formula makes hair instantly silk, soft and very shiny. Convenient for people in a hurry in the morning, because it makes the hair very easy to comb.

After shampooing, evenly distribute into slightly damp hair. Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse.


  • Natural ceramide and concentrated avocado oil extract fill the porous gaps of the external cuticle, balancing out unevenness and resealing the cuticle.
  • Mango seed oil makes the hair very supple and gives it extreme shine, it becomes velvety soft and is easy to comb.
  • Panthenol has a multiple effect which improves the hair’s moisture-binding capacities and maintains bounce and suppleness.


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