Guinot Age Logic Minceur for Stubborn Cellulite

Although it’s not a special time of the year to get geared up to get fit for anything, but for those of you who are hitting to gym lately and I do, the best part of it is the time when you sweat a lot after a right amount of training and have challenged yourself. Then there’s a perfect bathroom waiting for you to jump in and get freshened up.

Afterwards, it’s dressing up and grooming time in a warm moisturised room, you might put on some makeup or moisturizer all over your body, and that’s where we would like to give some extra help, Abloomnova is here to introduce a luxurious firming gel to gear up with your fitness plan and to finally answer the age old question – how to get rid of cellulite? !


The Guinot Age Logic Minceur Silhouette Refining Intensive Gel for Stubborn Cellulite (long name haha!) treats your skin as a problematic student, in which it will actively approach and dissolve fat cells which cause cellulite, faster. Your skin will feel more toned overall. And with enzymes formulated in the ingredient, there’s an add-on detox system helping your skin to look glowy.  So not only you will get a boost your metabolism at the gym, but continue to massage the gels into your thighs and arms (and other target areas) twice a day, some of our Abloomnova supporters have already sent feedback to us that their thighs appeared to be more toned!  I guess the power of massage with the right gel just keep people motivated right?

 This body gel helps to tackle even the most stubborn cellulite to help boost circulation and to prevent new cellulite from forming. Oh and don’t forget – running a cool jet of water over the cellulite affected areas helps boost circulation as well.

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Abloomnova xx

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